To Build or Not To Build?

Deciding whether or not to build a new home can be a difficult question to answer. There are many pros and cons to building a new home and many questions to answer before you get started. I have compiled a top ten reasons to build a new home rather than buy existing below:

  1. When you build a new home, you get everything new all at the same time
  2. A new home has the possibility of adding specialized wiring for all those new technology gadgets we all love
  3. No wallpaper to tear down (this is one of my personal favorites, because I really do not like to take down wallpaper)
  4. You won’t have nearly the maintenance issues because a newer home offers a lot of the great new low maintenance features
  5. You will not inherit “do-it-yourself” projects…although, some of these are a lot of fun if done well!
  6. No overgrown landscaping with roots the size of a bulldozer to remove
  7. You have the opportunity to build a home with energy efficiency features that are important in light of the recent gas price increases
  8. You get to pick everything out…no dated light fixtures to replace, mint green bathroom fixtures to decorate around….
  9. You pick the place
  10. You decide what’s included

Now, that all sounds great! However, I have found over the years that many people go into building a home without the benefit of experience. Be certain to pick a builder carefully. Here are a few tips for picking a great builder:

  1. Get several references from people who have built with the builder
  2. Check to make sure the builder has enough experience to build the type of home you are interested in building
  3. Make sure the list of specifications (all the stuff to be included in the construction of the home) is very very long!
  4. Double check to make sure the allowances included will be enough to cover the cost of the items you are likely to pick out (it is no fun to go over budget on a new home)
  5. Be certain that you feel like you have a good rapport with the builder (you will be together for a lot of months and years to come)

Hopefully, these suggestions will be helpful to you. The list is certainly not conclusive, but a good start.


Happy House Building,


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