Tips for Finding Land to Build a Home

So, you’ve been thinking about building your dream home… You’ve been checking out all of the latest housing trends in the blogosphere….You’ve been caught more than once thumbing through home plan magazines at work….You might even have a secret folder filled with paint chips and ideas for that perfect home….There is one very important question left to answer:  where on earth will you build this home you’ve been dreaming about?

If you have spent any amount of time looking in Bartholomew County for land, you realize that finding that perfect home site can be daunting.   The first stop along this journey must be the builder;  not every piece of ground is buildable!  There are many things to consider when choosing a piece of land or a lot for your home.  Here are just a few questions the builder can help you answer:

  • Is the piece of land zoned residential?
  • Is there an approved septic site on this tract of land?
  • If it is in a neighborhood, are there any restrictions I must follow when designing the home?
  • Are there association fees for the neighborhood and how much are they?
  • Will I be able to have the kind of foundation I want on this lot?  For ex.  a basement, a walkout basement, a crawl space, etc.  Not all lots can accommodate the type of foundation you want to have.
  • Will there be additional costs before construction can begin?  For example, will trees have to be cleared, dirt brought in, dirt removed, etc.

All of these questions will affect the type of land or lot you choose to build on.  My most adamant piece of advice is to have a builder look at the piece of land you are considering before purchasing it.  In order for building your dream home to be a fun and exciting experience you want to assemble a great team of advisers and your builder acts as the captain!

Of course, I am a bit biased, but one of the many advantages of working with Spoon Real Estate and Spoon Construction is that we offer end to end service for building a home.  Having spent over a decade in the real estate industry, our understanding of the construction process is complete:

  • Assistance in selling your current Southern Indiana home
  • Assistance in locating and negotiating the purchase of land on which to build a custom home
  • Expert advice that will help you design a home which has protected future resale value
  • Assistance in determing whether the land you are interested in fits within your budget
  • Home design which takes advantage of the attributes of the land you have chosen(rather than a stock plan from a magazine, we design all of our homes specific to the land they will ultimately be built upon)

If you are interested in building a custom home in Southern Indiana, please give us a call!

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