Support Your Local Real Estate Business

We love our customers. Did you know when you list with Spoon Real Estate it helps the local economy? Or, when you build a home with Spoon Construction it keeps jobs in Columbus? When you support local businesses, $73 out of every $100 stays in the community. In contrast, only $43 of every $100 spent non-locally remains in the community.  Please use local business and help keep Columbus’s economy strong!



  • Enhance Local Character and Prosperity
  • Supports Community Well Being
  • Ensures Local Decision Making
  • Keeps Dollars in the Local Economy
  • Creates Local Jobs with Better Wages
  • Stimulates Entrepreneurship
  • Creates Environmental Stability
  • Ensure Competition
  • Promotes Product Diversity

We thank you for using Spoon Real Estate and Construction.  We look forward to serving your future real estate and construction needs while helping to sustain our community’s well-being, local character and prosperity.


For more information on the case study supporting these figures please click here.

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