Is the “spring” real estate market here?

The national news has been a bad place for homeowners and potential buyers of Columbus Indiana real estate to go for advice.  There is no question that our local real estate market has been affected by outside forces such as the national economy, interest rates, gas prices and more.  However, Columbus Indiana real estate has been blessed by a relatively smooth ride as compared with  what has been a deep plunge in the United States real estate market these past few years! 

I realize that if you have been a seller of an existing home in Bartholomew County, it hasn’t exactly been all peaches and cream, but compared with markets in the rest of the country, we are sitting pretty!  On the opposite side of the spectrum, buyers moving into our market have been disappointed when they realize the slash and burn prices of other markets are not to be found here.  Many of these buyers took losses in the communities they moved from and hope to make up the difference on their purchase here only to find that our market has remained fairly stable.

There are many people more qualified to explain the reasons for our more stable market, but as a local Realtor my best explanation is that Cummins has been wildly succesful in recent years (YEAH!), our local Chamber of Commerce has worked hard to make this a community of small business growth, and our market never had the skyrocketing appreciation other parts of the country experienced.  In summary, Columbus, Indiana continues to be an amazing place to live and work!  All of this aside, the past few years have not been robust growth years for equity in one’s home, but 2012 seems to be off to a great start!

So, onto the real topic of this article:  Is the spring real estate market here?  Not only does spring seem to be here for 2012 in Columbus Indiana, but it may be “spring” for the housing market as a whole!  Low interest rates, consumer confidence and  the absorption of foreclosed homes all seem to be working in favor of a positive spring.  When I look at pending sales for February in Bartholomew county, I feel pretty positive about a robust spring.   If you are interested in selling your home this spring, now is the time!  Call Spoon Real Estate at 376-0761 to see how you can take advantage of this spring’s rebounding market!

Happy Spring Market!


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