Does your home have a personal gym? Mine doesn’t either.

Health is important to me.  I have always struggled with staying in shape.  Living on the west side of town, the gym options aren’t really plentiful and the idea of driving across town to go to the Total Fitness, just didn’t seem too appealing once I got home from work.  It takes very little to demotivate me once I am faced with a comfortable couch.  A 30 minute round-trip drive to the other side of town, just to exert more energy, would definitely be my recipe for a big serving of “let’s just stay home tonight”.

We have a gym at our apartment complex.  Let me clarify, we have a few machines and some free weights.  It does the trick in a pinch, but I am telling you it gets old super fast.  Playing sports outdoors to stay in shape was always fun or going for long walks on the awesome Tipton trails was another option.  Then winter came.  This long horrible winter has done a number on my Florida native soul.  I decided it was time to look for other indoor activities that would keep the blood pumping.    After over two years of living on the west side of Columbus, I finally decided to foot the monthly membership and join Tipton Lakes Athletics club.

I have been a member to many gyms and they have all been relatively similar.  I had no idea that this gym, that was literally 30 seconds from my domicile, was so unique.  It has all the standard things you would normally see in a gym; an abundance of cardio machines as well as weight lifting stations.  What makes them so different is their semi-private sessions (a personal trainer for a group of 2 to 8 people) focusing on functional training. TLAC says, “Functional training is a method of training that will help you perform daily tasks better. We use movement based exercises instead of machine based exercises. These will allow your entire body to work more at once, rather than just certain aspects at one time. We believe that functional training is the best way to train for the majority of weight loss and performance goals. We want to help you move better, feel better and perform better by training you through those movements.

Also new to me was the TRX Equipment…TRWHAT? I know, maybe a visual would help.

TRX copyclick the photo to zoom

That’s a TRX ..Ok so now that you know what it looks like, here is why they have it. According to TLAC,“TRX is a new approach to exercise that leverages one’s own body weight and the force of gravity.  It is designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability – all simultaneously.  The system allows the user to work against their own body weight.  TRX training engages the core on every exercise in addition to providing some cardio fitness in every single workout.”

I haven’t tried all the classes, which can be found here, but what I have tried and LOVED is the semi private training. Being able to go to the gym and have someone just tell you want to do really takes your working out to the next level.  You never have to decide how long you are going to do a certain exercise.  You just show up, do what your trainer says, and before you know it, you have completed a great workout.  For someone that needs a lot of variety, it’s key.  If that isn’t for you, the standard gym equipment is always waiting for you. I find that I like to alternate between the two styles.

I would also like to mention that the atmosphere there is very friendly and welcoming.  Have you ever walked into a gym and just felt worse about yourself because it is overtaken with perfect bodied beauties or body builder machos? Most of the time, I felt like the people in those gyms weren’t even there to work out.  I have never once been intimidated by going to this gym.  The clientele is down to earth and they are there for one thing, to get their fit on.  So if you don’t have a house with it’s own personal home gym, I would recommend giving Tipton Lakes Athletics club a try.  I don’t know why I waited so long.

Through functional training, tennis, racquetball, and other areas TLAC strives to be the premier health and wellness facility in South Central Indiana. Visit




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  1. Katia Hatter March 13, 2014 at 4:17 pm #

    Becky, great article. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a member at TLAC for several years now and I’m always impressed with how the training staff continues to “raise the bar” in terms of class offerings and training expertise. Keep up the great work and I may see you around the gym!

    • Spoon March 14, 2014 at 4:54 pm #

      Katia, thanks for your comment! It is one of the first on my blog posts. It’s pleasant to know someone is reading and enjoying the topic. 🙂 Take care!

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