Brookfield Place

We are excited to announce that Brookfield Place is now selling! The process to develop this piece of land has been an adventure and an amazing experience. Last week, I was pleased to drive by and see pavement!!! Each of the 22 home sites will be designed and built custom per the client. It is exciting to be a part of a neighborhood from the beginning. We have had the opportunity to consider what makes a neighborhood a great place to live as well as a place that will hold its value over time.

With none of the lots backing up to anyone else and a beautiful green space in the center, there should be a home site that works for everyone. In order to secure a home site, buyers may provide a deposit that will hold the lot for a period of time. An extra deposit will secure the home throughout construction and allow clients to avoid having to get a construction loan or move twice. Each home will be custom designed by Joel Spoon and then built by our construction company, Spoon Construction. We are pleased to see the variety of home plans individuals are interested in and the wonderful people we get to work with.

Find out more information about lot availability and pricing in the Brookfield Place!

Happy House Hunting!

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